Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the leading strategy for big businesses to promote themselves. What is it that makes Digital Marketing a preferred medium over tradition marketing for big corporations? How can small businesses utilize this modern means of advertisement? This article will try to answer this question and many more. Targeting of Local Audiences World over: With traditional marketing like telegraphs, newspaper marketing, TV marketing companies try to appeal to a large audience by spending a lot of money. But by digital marketing services like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, we target a specific group of people worldwide. Hence giving a personalized touch to the ad campaigns on a global level.
Cost: The cost of radio or TV advertisements is way too much when compared to digital marketing schemes. Companies like fb, YouTube try to show your ads only to interested parties and charge businesses as per the clicks they get. Unlike TV ads which run on a very large scale hence becoming useless for small local businesses. Interaction with the Customers: Popular services like twitter and Instagram enable businesses to have ‘followers’. People follow accounts they interested in and like, comment, and share the posts which creates even more exposure for the product or service. Popular celebs can be paid to endorse products hence creating its demand among all his/her fans. Interactivity is one of the major criteria Facebook and YouTube boosts posts to other users of the network. People who specialize in such type of interactive campaigning are in high demand these days.
Level playing ground for businesses: Both small businesses and big businesses fight on equal terms. The one who is able to create biggest audience for their product gains more customer. It is just as easier to reach the profile of a small company as much it is easier to reach to a large one. It is true that more money can get more exposure for your product but traditional word of mouth appreciation of your business will do the same.

Real time results: The best argument in favor of Digital Marketing is that it gives you real time analytics for your investment. You get to know what group of people saw your ad. What percentage of them clicked it and liked it. You get to know where your customers are coming from. This will give you an idea where to invest more for a boosted exposure next time.

Finally let’s talk about Development of Brand. Social media is the best platform to know about grievances your customers are facing and keeping them updated with the actions you are taking. Addressing criticism of people will make the brand more trust worthy. Companies and show the philanthropy works and other public sector work progress to people without spending any dime if they have a strong following.

Digital Marketing has been around sometime and most businesses small or large have already started utilizing it. While it may not fully replace traditional marketing soon, but it has already started proving itself better than it in most areas.

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